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What is Test Bank?

The test bank is a guide for testing and exams. It contains a lot of questions with their correct answers related to an academic textbook. Test banks usually contain true/false questions, multiple choice questions, and essay questions. Authors provide those guides to help instructors and teachers create their exams and tests easily and fast. We recommend all students to download the sample attached to each test bank page and review them deeply..

What is Solutions Manual?

The solutions manual is a guide where you can find all the correct answers (odd and even) to your textbooks’ questions, cases, and problems.

Can I get a sample before buying a Test Bank or Solutions Manual?
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Can I get a sample before buying a Test Bank or Solutions Manual?

Samples are attached to each test bank and solutions manual page at our website. We always recommend students and instructors to download the samples before placing orders.  we offer a complete sample chapter for each product.

Can I download my files immediately after completing the order?

Yes. Our system will grant you an access to download your files immediately after completing the order.

How will I download my product?

You will receive an email from buytestbankonline that contains the download link.

I am not able to download my test bank or solution manual

If you could not download your product for any reason, contact us and we will solve the issue immediately.

How long does it take to receive the files after payment is sent?

It depends on when did you make the purchase and when did you pay.  If we are online, we will send the files immediately.  Otherwise, you may wait a few hours.

What software or programs are required to be able to use/read the test banks/solution manuals?

Any utility that can read word files like MS word, utilities to open PDFs.  Also it’s important to have program that opens compressed files like WinZip because most of the time the files will be sent as .zip file.

What is the price of TB or SM?

There is no fixed price for all books. But on average it costs around $20-$30

Do you offer discounts if I buy more than 1 file?

Yes, we do provide discounts for bulk orders and regular customers.

If I buy an older edition, will it be worth it?

After spending money you might want to have the best that is available. Purchasing an older version will cost you the same, but you will not get the questions which appeared in the exams held after that edition. So it is advisable to try for the latest version that you can get.

What question type can be seen in the test bank?

You can expect to see any or all of the following questions: MCQ- Multiple choice questions.  True/False.  Fill-in-the blank.  Essays.  Short answers questions.

Are the questions on the test bank answered?

Yes, 99% of the time test bank answered are provided.

Is using test bank considered cheating?

Absolutely No!  The point of using test banks is to give you opportunity to test your skills by answering questions made by the creators of your textbook.  That would give you a rough estimation how good you will grade on your actual exam.

Will I see the same questions in my actual test?

Although it’s  possible to see the same questions in your test, but No, We don’t guarantee such a thing.  We are responsible only to provide you with authentic questions specifically for your textbook.  If you purchase the test bank just in hope that you will see the exact questions in your real exam, then save your money and don’t buy it.  Our target to provide test banks is totally different.

Does the content of the test bank varies from edition to another?

Usually changes among editions are not major.   They may add, change or update some questions from the previous edition.  But it’s impossible to create completely new test bank for each new edition.

How many questions can I expect to see in each chapter?

There is no specific or average number of questions in the test bank.  Some books have as low as 5 questions per chapters, and others have 300+ questions.  Please note that we do not control the number of questions in the test bank.

If I don’t see test bank questions in my exam can I ask for refund?

No, because that’s not our responsibility nor did we promise you to see same questions.

What is the difference between a test bank and solutions manual?

Test bank contains practice exam questions with their answers. A solutions manual provides answers to the textbook’s problems, exercises, or cases.

In what format test banks & solutions manual are provided?

Generally as Word docs, rtf, or PDFs, and compressed ZIP format

How do you accept payments?

You can pay online through different secure payment processors ( PAYPAL, STRIPE). BTC option is available as well.

Can I use only a test bank and not go for the book?

It is ultimately your choice to make, whether you want to study from the actual textbook or not. Test bank will serve the purpose of building your skill to guess the type of questions which can be there in the exam from a particular topic. It covers questions from every critical topic that is there in the book.

What if I prepare for exams from the test bank, but none of the questions comes from it?

There is nothing you can do about it. We don’t take responsibility, nor do we guarantee that you will get the same questions in your examinations. We only give you an idea of what you may get. But as all the vital elements of the course are covered in it, you will surely get help regarding how to answer the questions, even if the language of the questions gets changed. You should know how to improvise your answer as per the demand of the question.

Which publication’s test bank should I get to avail the best questions?

Different authors publish their books through different publications. You should opt for the test bank which is written by the same author whose book your professor or teacher has recommended as chances are, that your teacher must be using the same to set your examination papers.

Refud Policy

We Offer Refunds To Clients Under Specific Circumstances And Conditions Since Digital Products Once It Sent It Cant Be Returned.

Non-Delivery: Due To An Issue With Email, You Don T Get A Downloadable Link From Us. Note That Some Files Can Be Sent Only After 6-12 Hours Depends If One Of Our Support Agent Is Online During The Time You Make The Order. If You Have Not Received Any Attachments During The Estimated Time , Nor You Get An Update From Us, Regarding An Update, You Can Then Ask For A Refund.

Files Cant Be Open Or Damaged: Most Files Are An In Zip Format Which Demands To Have Winzip Utility Installed On Your Device To Extract Included Chapters. Chapters Can Be In Microsoft Or Pdf Format And You Need To Have Those Readers Installed As Well. In Case You Face Any Other Difficulties Opening Attached Files, You Send Us An Email To Help You To Resolve The Problem For You

Purchasing Different Study Guides: If You Have Purchase A Test Bank Instead Of Solution Manual, Note That Those Resources Are Different And Are Not The Same. Each Item Is Described Already In The Title If Its Solution Or Test Banbk. To Prevent This Kind Of Claim We Encourage You To Request A Sample Before Making An Order
Missing Chapters: If You Have Purchased An Item With Missing Chapters, You Send Us An Email So We Can Re-Check The Order For You And Send The Missing Chapter(S).

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